What is this? The Nickel City Forum is a monthly gathering to learn about and discuss big ideas: theology, ethics, and culture. We believe that a pint, a stimulating topic, and some goodwill can go a long way.

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What do I have to believe? In order to keep a base for the conversation, we proceed with this assumption: that God might exist. If you can entertain that for an evening, you'll find a community of deep thinkers and rational friends.

What do you talk about? Topics include music, biotechnological enhancement, suffering, faith & science, race, and more.

How do I make contributions? Gifts can be made through our page on Giving Tools. All donations are tax-deductible, and all money goes directly into programming. (Note that The Nickel City Forum is financially housed underneath Church of the Atonement. Funds, however, are accounted separately. A year-end giving statement will be sent from the Church through Giving Tools.)

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