What is this? The Nickel City Forum is a bi-monthly gathering to learn about and discuss big ideas: theology, ethics, and culture. We believe that a pint, a stimulating topic, and some goodwill can go a long way.

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What do I have to believe? It would help if you think there is a soul or something like it, which demands that we seek to be better and greater, worthy of honor and integrity. Or at least be willing to dialogue with energetic people who do.

What do you talk about? Topics include music, modern medicine, suffering, faith & science, race, and more.

How do I make contributions? Gifts can be made through our page on Giving Tools. All donations are tax-deductible, and all money goes directly into programming. (Note that The Nickel City Forum is financially housed underneath Church of the Atonement. Funds, however, are accounted separately. A year-end giving statement will be sent from the Church through Giving Tools.)

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